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From a variety of magical massages from the Islands of the South Sea, to Online Kahuna Self-Care and Mindful Movement sessions, you will receive something individually crafted to suit your needs and will leave you honouring your Self a little more.

Kahuna massage and body work

Kahuna Bodywork

R700 60 mins | R850 90 mins

A flowing and dynamic form of massage therapy based on the ancient Hawaiian healing arts. A full body oil massage using elbows, forearms, wrists and hands. Soft and deep pressures are effectively applied using the practitioner’s own body weight. Exquisite to receive whilst being highly effective in re-balancing the entire being.
Practitioners work with the essence of the “aloha” spirit that is sacred to the people of Hawaii.

Kahuna Pregnancy Massage

R800 75 mins

Kahuna pregnancy massage is a nurturing and restorative full body oil massage. Soothing, calming and impressively effective in easing pain, improving circulation and bringing more oxygen to mother and baby. This beautiful massage releases stress, increases oxytocin, leaving you happy & establishes a loving bond between mother and baby.

Polynesian Floor Treatment

R650 75mins

A nurturing session, fully clothed and on a comfortable floor mat, the Polynesian Floor treatment focuses on mobilizing joints, stimulating energy flow along the meridian lines, helping to realign and re-balance, flushing toxins from the lymph system and keeping the fascia supple. Like other floor massages, it relieves fatigue, muscular cramping and is deeply relaxing for the nervous system.

Bone Washing Skeletal Massage

R650 60mins

This is a deeply relaxing and releasing treatment which involves working with small circular movements into the periosteum (the sheath or fascia surrounding the bones) to release memories that may be causing pain (physically, mentally or emotionally). The touch for Hawaiian bone washing is quite light and gentle.

Traditional Hawaiian belief is that our bones are sacred and that within our bones reside a person’s Mana (spiritual essence) It is believed that we store our oldest memories and ‘cherished wounds’ in the bones.


Deep Tissue Spiritual Release

R950 2hrs

Our bodies are incredibly complex and intelligent. So much of our history, trauma, dreams, and emotions are stored in our bodies. Our story is hard wired into our muscles and tendons as our life experiences are embodied. Our bodies hold our emotional history as much as our minds do, influencing how we walk, talk, move, breathe, think and feel. Deep Tissue Release work serves to release any crystallized memories in the tissues and focuses on releasing areas of physical, energetic & emotional blockages & tension. Sound vibration and Toning are frequently used to stimulate that specific energy to release.

Opu Huli Deep Abdominal Work

R450 45 mins x 10 sessions R4200

The abdomen is a powerhouse of physical and emotional energy. This traditional bodywork is used to help digestion, elimination, relieve lower back pain, release deep tension and improve the proper function of the digestive and nervous systems.

Four Hands Kahuna Bodywork

R1000 1hr 

Four hands from two therapists flowing in rhythmical kahuna strokes across your whole body. Highly effective in balancing body, mind, and emotions. Not only does it feel sublime to receive, it supports your body, brings healing and rebalances body, mind and spirit.

Give the gift of a beautiful Hawaiian Kahuna massage experience

Don’t you find that more and more of the people around you desire experiences and wellness as gifts rather than another product or consumable?

A Hawaiian Kahuna massage experience is a unique and beautiful gift for anyone you know and has the added benefit of wellness. Both our paper and e-vouchers are gorgeous and physical vouchers can be collected from Gardens or posted.

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