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Welcome to the flow space – a space where you can experience the healing bodywork of the Hawaiian Islands right here in the heart of Cape Town and Hout Bay.  Kahuna Massage is a profound form of bodywork – derived from the Master Healers of Hawaii.
It’s fluid rhythmic motion relaxes & rejuvenates mind & muscles – firing up all systems to leave you feeling alive & vital.
Under body & full body strokes help to free energy, soften the body & restore a flow of life-force in the recipient, it’s bliss to recieve!!
Highly  effective in releasing physical & energetic blockages, its a great way to re-balance and restore the nervous system.
The flowing dance-like rhythm lulls you into deep relaxation as you release stress and fall into your own Flow State.

About us

With a variety of magical massages from the Islands of the South Sea, you will receive something individually crafted to suit your needs and will leave you honouring your Self a little more.

Softening tight muscles, releasing suppressed emotions, increasing positive emotions and creating a flow space within releases stress that leads to dis-ease and ensures health and vitality.  

The simplicity of the Flow Space décor allows the nervous system to quiet itself and drop into calm relaxation to experience the magic of Kahuna Bodywork or Mindful Movement sessions.

What We Do


A flowing and dynamic form of massage therapy based on the ancient Hawaiian healing arts.

Opu Huli Deep Abdominal

This traditional bodywork is used to help improve proper function of the digestive & nervous systems.

Polynesian Floor

A nurturing session, the Polynesian Floor treatment focuses on mobilizing joints, stimulating energy flow.

Bone Washing Skeletal

A deeply relaxing and releasing treatment which involves working with small circular movements into the periosteum.

Deep Tissue Spiritual

Focuses on releasing areas of physical, energetic & emotional blockages & tension.

What Clients Say

I slept deeply all weekend and, for the first time since lock down, my dreams are uplifting and not anxious and fretful. Something shifted.


Your massage is the “Bohemian rhapsody “of body work. Such a journey through melody, touch and aeronautics - all the while being so perfectly held so that you can really let go. It’s outa this world and into the souls body.


Angie has a wonderful style of massage and her music she flows with is perfect. I felt relaxed and calm and vibrating on a higher level after the experience. It was my first Bone Wash ( deep bone and joint massage) I loved it and think it would be good for people with knee, hip, shoulder , joint issues. I have had many kahuna massages with her and feel this might be my favourite... at times it felt like there was an extra pair of hands working on my body.... it was an all round wonderful experience. Thank you


I had a 90 minute Kahuna massage with Angie - it was absolutely blissful, grounding and so relaxing. It’s like going on a journey with body, soul and mind. If you are able to, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to experience Angie’s practice for yourself - I highly, highly recommend it and I will be back as soon as I can for more!


From the moment you arrive your senses are seduced with gorgeous decor, soft light, beautiful scents, relaxing music and warmth. Angie moves over your body with a rhythmic flow and dance that soon sends you into the deepest relaxation. I left feeling like my body was floating and my heart expanded! Loved it! Can highly recommend.


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We are centrally located in Gardens and Hout Bay and would love to welcome you for a treatment.

Kahuna Massage