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About Kahuna

Kahuna Bodywork has its roots in Hawaii. This unique dance-like massage leaves you feeling centred and balanced. Like the ocean, the flowing movements soothe the mind and energize the body. With the help of posture, leverage, and motion, the bodywork is performed while honouring one’s body’s innate wisdom and ability to self-heal. This transformational bodywork is gentle and yet very powerful.

Kahu Abraham Kawai’i is responsible for introducing this beautiful bodywork to the West .

About Angie

Founder of The Flow Space, deep soul and kind heart – Angie is a bodywork specialist with 40 years of dance and movement experience. A qualified dance and Pilates instructor and Level Seven Kahuna therapist, Angie’s healing hands and soul are a dream to encounter.
Mentored by Anthea Hardwick (pioneer of Kahuna Bodywork in Africa and the owner of Aloha Life Centre) and Nicole Antonie who facilitates the trainings in Cape Town, Angie is a collaborator in Aloha Life, spreading the work and assisting on these life changing trainings.
Angie has been offering kahuna massage through her bodywork practice for several years since starting her journey with the Aloha Life Centre and she welcomes you to experience the deeply healing work of Hawaii.

About Genevieve

Gen is a bodywork practitioner, with over 30 years of movement and dance experience. As a qualified marine biologist, she has been flowing between the sea and dance studio and has found her way into The Flow Space. Gen is a trained flamenco dancer, reiki practitioner and kahuna massage therapist, undertaking kahuna training through the Aloha Life Centre. Come and enjoy the experience of her healing hands and gift of loving touch.

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We are centrally located in Gardens, and within a creative, therapeutic hub and healthy cafe setting. We would love to welcome you for a treatment.

Kahuna Massage