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Angie’s Story

They say Hula, or dance, is the heartbeat of Hawaii.

 I might have been Hawaiian in a past life because my Soul loves to dance! I’ve been dancing as long as I can remember, my sisters and I regularly ‘performing’ for my family as children and later, going on to graduate from UCT School of Dance. I danced professionally in South Africa and Europe for 20 years, teaching and performing with Rambert Dance Company, Laban Centre London, Bedlam Dance Company, Physical Recall and Scarabeus Physical Theatre Company, to name a few. I also had a daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga and loved the deep meditative movement connected with the Ujjayi breathwork. Dance and Yoga kept me in a conscious state of flow and my curiosity around the connection between mind, spirit and body grew. 

Towards the end of my professional dance career, I developed knee and back injuries and, timeously, was given an apprenticeship to train as a Pilates teacher.  While teaching full time at a studio in England, I became fascinated with how our bodies are all so different. Dealing with physical limitations such as injury, arthritis and age-related diseases forced me to slow my pace and I became a more present and compassionate teacher, developing a sincere interest in helping bodies heal.

Ten years ago, a friend gifted my husband and I a Kahuna massage as a wedding gift. It was the most delicious 90 minutes of bodywork I’d ever received! Massage and dance met each other on my body!! I remember feeling quite emotional afterwards and, years later, learned about the potency of this ancient, sacred bodywork and the power of Kahuna to release trapped emotion and stress.

It took seven years, a knee op gone wrong, 15 kgs of extra weight and a painful body I didn’t recognise before Kahuna found me again – with exquisite synchronicity. (A story I’ll tell you in person if you wish to hear about the magic!).

I’ve done all my Kahuna training through Aloha Life with Anthea Hardwick and Nicole Antonie who held space, and my heart, with safety and aloha throughout this beautiful journey. I am still lucky enough to be mentored and inspired by these wonderful women and now I assist Nicole on the Cape Town trainings, learning how to facilitate these life-changing courses. I collaborate closely with Aloha Life – participating in Kahuna Trainings and other retreats such as Ho’oponopono, Valentines and other special retreats they host.

Three years ago, I began offering Kahuna full time at Float Studio where my massage was known as Flow because of Kahunas exquisite ebb & flow motion on the body.

Kahuna has lifted me from depression and pain to joy and vitality. From the deeply soulful training, I’ve completed with Aloha Life, to the many Kahuna massages I’ve given and received over the years, transformation has happened within me… and I continue to relinquish that which no longer serves my Soul and celebrate this magical, beautiful life through dance and bodywork.